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What makes International Calling Cards So Important?

January 11th, 2010 · No Comments

Many people who live outside of the US have friends or relatives who live within the States. International phone calling cards come into the picture when a friend or loved one lives in another country because it can be hard to stay in touch with them.

Annually, millions of people immigrate to the United States. Given these high immigration numbers, the purchase of international calling card will certainly increase.

It is a cost effective method for people to stay in touch without breaking the budget, and it allows you to invest in one of the various types of international phone calling cards.

Which are the best type of international calling cards? When making an international phone call, what should a person be looking at? To find out, continue reading.

Helpful Guidelines For International Prepaid Calling Cards

• Find Out the Rates-These guidelines can often be found within the terms of service. Do they charge by the minute? Are there different charges for different times of the day? You will be charged more to make a call to a cell phone outside the US using your international calling card.

• Confirm the Rates Advertised-The rate should not fluctuate – it should be set for all international calling cards.

• How is their Billing System Computed?-Do they round up or down?

• Hidden Fees-Are the terms of service explained in a way where you fully understand them, or are you charged for services you don’t know about?

• Connection Fees-When you are unable to connect to the person on the other line, you will still be charged for the call?

• Does the Company Offer a Guarantee?-Do you receive the actual minutes you pay for, or is it impossible to verify this?

• Customer Service-When you have problems with service, do they have live agents available 24 hours a day to assist you?

• Is the expiration date listed on the calling card?-Find the expiration date so that you are sure not to use all your minutes at once.

• Is the Company Trustworthy?-It is important to do your research prior to your purchase so that you don’t fall victim to an Internet scam artist. Look for positive feedback and make sure the company is legit before purchasing a calling card.

• How is your Calling Card Accessed-Did you receive your calling card by email or in the mail? In today’s high tech society, online calling cards are quickly becoming very popular. When they are sent through snail mail, they are easily accessible and are received faster. In virtually no time at all, it is easier to connect to your friends and family members.

A number of international phone calling cards are available to choose from, but by investigating the facts and reputation of the company you are purchasing from, you can feel confident that you are making a wise purchase. Comparison shopping and fact checking before you buy will insure that you won’t have to deal with any unforeseen problems when connecting to your loved ones.

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